Social Media Advertising

LINE, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Are the Major Social Media Services in Japan

Over 80 million people, or 65% of Japanese people, are active on LINE  the major Japanese messaging app  which is far more than any other social networking services available in Japan. Other social networking services, such as Twitter (over 45 million users), Instagram (over 30 million users) and Facebook (over 25 million users) are also popular in Japan, though Facebook’s user base is currently shrinking. We run social network campaigns with our knowledge and experience of Japanese user trends in mind to ensure your campaign is successful.

Fully Bilingual Japanese Experts

Deep understanding of Japanese digital marketing and the business landscape

One of our unique points is that we are bilingual marketing professionals with working experience in international companies such as Google Japan. If you speak English, we will have absolutely no problem communicating. You can start digital marketing in the Japanese market today, without any Japanese language ability.

Digital Marketing in Japan

Our Social Network Advertising Service

Display Advertising

We identify the best social media platforms for your business to acquire conversions and run the most effective campaigns focusing not only Cost Per Acquisition, but also Return On Investment.

Reporting / Data Visualization

We deploy a data dashboard that all of your team members can access anytime which is automatically updated daily, weekly or monthly so that data is crystal clear for all stakeholders.

Conversion Tracking

With the latest tag management tools, we set conversion tracking system that tracks your goal events and test if tags fire correctly.

Increase Your Followers And Converting Into Customers

We set a number of followers as our goal and execute campaigns to get you those followers, converting them into your customers in the future.


Focused on Revenue and Conversions

Unlike typical SEO consulting agencies, we do not only focus on increasing traffic, but also on driving conversions and revenue for your business.

Rapid Iteration

Most digital marketing agencies, especially consulting agencies, provide suggestions but will ask you to deploy them. We quickly take you all the way from idea to implementation.

Fully Bilingual Professionals

One of our unique points is that our entire team is bilingual and we all have experience working at international companies targeting the Japanese market.

Comprehensive Approach

Many other digital marketing agencies focus on a part of your business such as SEO, but KOCHI takes a holistic approach to get you more conversions and revenue, taking care of SEO, SNS, Advertisement, CRO, CRM, Tag Management, and more.