Marketing Strategy

Reach To Your Targeting Audience Thoroughly

Tell us your needs, and we will propose to you the best marketing plan.

What digital media would be good to reach to your targeting audience? What channels would be the most important for your customers? 

In Japan, there are some channels suitable for your business, and some are not. We will propose to you the best marketing channels for your business based on your advertising budget so that you can efficiently reach your main audiences in Japan.

Fully Bilingual Japanese Experts

Deep understanding of Japanese digital marketing and the business landscape

One of our unique points is that we are bilingual marketing professionals with working experience in international companies such as Google Japan. If you speak English, we will have absolutely no problem communicating. You can start digital marketing in the Japanese market today, without any Japanese language ability.

Digital Marketing in Japan

Our Marketing Strategy Service

Meeting to listen to your needs

We set up one 30 minutes meeting to ask you some questions, such as what your business is, who you want to target, and what marketing activity has worked in other countries.

Web Analytics

One of KOCHI’s strengths is our web analysis skills. We look into your website and your competitor’s websites with external third party analyzing tools. For example, we check keywords your competitors are targeting in search engines.

Market Research

We will research the market size and what other market players exist in Japan. Also, we will plan how you can compete with competitors through SWOT analysis. 

Marketing Plan Proposition

You will receive the slides showing everything you need to know to run marketing campaigns in Japan from us. You will know your market situation and how you should run campaigns with what budget allocation should be.


Focused on Revenue and Conversions

Unlike typical SEO consulting agencies, we do not only focus on increasing traffic, but also on driving conversions and revenue for your business.

Rapid Iteration

Most digital marketing agencies, especially consulting agencies, provide suggestions but will ask you to deploy them. We quickly take you all the way from idea to implementation.

Fully Bilingual Professionals

One of our unique points is that our entire team is bilingual and we all have experience working at international companies targeting the Japanese market.

Comprehensive Approach

Many other digital marketing agencies focus on a part of your business such as SEO, but KOCHI takes a holistic approach to get you more conversions and revenue, taking care of SEO, SNS, Advertisement, CRO, CRM, Tag Management, and more.