Content Localization

Localize your website for Japanese audience

Translate into Japanese with SEO in mind

Japanese website is crucial for your marketing no matter what your campaign will be. Japan ranked one of the worst Asian countries in terms of English proficiency according to some research -if you have a non-Japanese website, even if you spend a lot of marketing cost, visitors will not be converted to be your customer.

KOCHI provides localization service with search engine optimization in mind. We do keyword research and turn your website into the website that Japanese people feel familiar with.

Fully Bilingual Japanese Experts

Deep understanding of Japanese digital marketing and the business landscape

One of our unique points is that we are bilingual marketing professionals with working experience in international companies such as Google Japan. If you speak English, we will have absolutely no problem communicating. You can start digital marketing in the Japanese market today, without any Japanese language ability.

Digital Marketing in Japan

Our Content Localization Service

Content Translation

We work with translation professionals to turn your website into a Japanese one. If you are willing to use website translation tools such as Weglot or Smartling, you can run machine translation with DeepL and let us review.

SEO Settings

To compete in the search engines, your need to have targeting keywords and phrases in title, description, category name, tag name, and so on. Based on our keyword research, we implement targeting keywords in your websites to make sure that traffic comes into your website.

Keyword Research

Our localization service includes keyword research to make sure that your website uses words and phrases to appear in search engines. It also means that your website will use terms that are familiar with Japanese people.

AB Testing

If you have original jargon that you invented, we can run AB tests to figure out the best way to express it in Japanese. 


Focused on Revenue and Conversions

Unlike typical SEO consulting agencies, we do not only focus on increasing traffic, but also on driving conversions and revenue for your business.

Rapid Iteration

Most digital marketing agencies, especially consulting agencies, provide suggestions but will ask you to deploy them. We quickly take you all the way from idea to implementation.

Fully Bilingual Professionals

One of our unique points is that our entire team is bilingual and we all have experience working at international companies targeting the Japanese market.

Comprehensive Approach

Many other digital marketing agencies focus on a part of your business such as SEO, but KOCHI takes a holistic approach to get you more conversions and revenue, taking care of SEO, SNS, Advertisement, CRO, CRM, Tag Management, and more.