About us

Chihiro originally became interested in online sales and marketing while running an organic French coffee shop and store. Building upon her experience running a small business and her interest in online business, she joined Google’s Linguist Engineering Team, providing Japan-focused quality assurance during/after product launch for more than seven years. She has also worked as E-Commerce Manager and a Digital Marketing Manager, helping businesses grow and raise their brand awareness, for companies and startups including My Little Box and Cartier. Chihiro not only provides social media marketing and email marketing services; she is an “idea woman” with extensive knowledge and experience. She is proficient in Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, and more. Chihiro is an expert at coming up with data-driven strategies for companies in Japan and abroad. Chihiro loves modern art and architecture, plays chill jazz as a pianist and creates dresses and jewelry when all her kids fall asleep. She has been living an earth-friendly life, and in her spare time can be found relaxing in a cozy bonsai & herbs garden on her balcony.
While studying at Keio University, Koki founded Letibee, a startup focused on raising awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues in Japan. After serving as CEO of Letibee for two years, Koki accepted a position as a web marketer with a focus on Search Engine Optimization and content development at DeNA, one of the largest online gaming companies in Japan. In 2016, he joined Zehitomo, a startup providing an online platform for local businesses. As Zehitomo’s Growth Hacker and Director of Growth, Koki radically expanded the consumer base from a few hundred to more than 250,000 while decreasing advertising costs to almost zero, and he increased the number of registered businesses from 100 to more than 150,000. Koki’s strengths include search engine optimization, data analysis, growth hacks, and conversion optimization. Koki believes that while growing quickly is important, long term, sustainable growth is more important, so he always tries to create plans which will grow his clients’ business long after his contract is over. When Koki isn’t working or studying, he is probably reading at a coffee shop, playing video games at home, or traveling somewhere new.

Company Name



Chiba and Tokyo, Japan 

Date Founded

7th Feb, 2020


Chihiro Ida / Koki Hayashi

What we do

Ad Agency / WEB Marketing


We connect businesses to people in Japan, regardless of where the business is located. We overcome boundaries and make business happen.